100 words - (type 4 remnant)

On 6 Jan 2005, I submitted a story to:

On 10 Jan 2005, they published it.

I am feeling no small amount of pride that they liked it enough to post it.

Type 4 Remnant

Collins’s gloved hand tingled as he gripped the meteor cavern’s mouth. His other fist tightened on his blade when he heard the remnant.

The Hydrodem should have killed all eight, Collins scowled. He contemplated the cleanest means of extinguishing the survivor without fucking up his biospheronic suit.

In half an exhale, Collins realized it wasn’t a remnant. Since his sanction didn't extend to furry, yellow eyed, halfgets, he put his respirator to the survivor's mouth.

The cat inhaled.

"The licensed harvesters can't mine inhabited rock. You coming?" Collins asked.

Back in the cat's mouth, the respirator's translator said, "Iss choice?"

submitted by: Veach Glines

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