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Thanks to Sk8RN I looked at my site using my old browser, Internet Explorer, and discovered almost all my text is so tiny it's unreadable. I created my last two posts in 'Edit HTML' mode on my blog, rather than in Word, because of the amount of hypertext language needed in the tables so my digital renderings would remain on the right and stack properly. This must make it larger than everything written and pasted from Word (for some unknown reason that makes no sense, so must be wrong).

When viewing my site on my normal browser: Mozilla Firefox, there is no problem with any of my text size--in both the side bar and the body.

I certainly don't want to post a notice at the top that sends all other browser users away ("Hey all you people still using a non-user-friendly browser designed to permit pop-ups and pop-unders and now about a decade behind the times: get with the new century.") Because that was me not so very long ago and I know what it is to be too lazy to download Firefox, even when I heard it was free and easy and simple and...no matter, I was familiar with the old way and 'sorry, there has to be a catch' right? Just like you are thinking now.

So. I changed the font in my template and it makes it huge in Firefox (I mean GIGANIMOUS, Great-Grandma without her tri-focals would stammer 'it's too large,' The above title was so large the e(s) wrapped onto another line...yep...While making it still all barely readable in shitty IE.

Until I can fix my template to allow me to see it on my good browser with all the fonts and texts and spacings I like--because this is 98% for me and the remaining 2% is a bonus (constructive critisism, which I like and utilize). Although I gave it a quick swipe and it didn't work, I'll get into it more and I'll fix it so it is readable for all. Soon. Really. Give me a couple days.

Until then, IE browser users can still enjoy my digital renderings (or need to click on the ittybitty words to bring up a prior post, THEN the sidebar and posts are perfect size) or DOWNLOAD Mozilla Firefox now and embrace 2000 only half a decade late.

Any suggestions, from anyone, as to what I need to alter in my style sheet to make words readable in both shittIE and Mozilla are more than welcome.


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