Ten Things I Have Done That You Probably Haven't

This meme came from Eve Tusnet, to Terry Teachout, to Old Hag, to Bluepoppy and now has my addition as the fifth in this thread.

  1. Shot three under par (a double-eagle) on a par 5.
  2. Traveled through 36 countries on six of the eight continents. (I aspire to visit Antarctica and South America).
  3. Performed euthanasia on an unfortunate dog using a kennel, a vacuum cleaner hose, a plastic drop cloth and car exhaust. It took less than two minutes.
  4. Hand fed stingrays while scuba diving in the Caribbean.
  5. Attended a show where--among other things--a woman painted with a labially clenched brush. I have it framed.
  6. Viewed movies in 9 countries. In Australia, a ring around a ceiling light fell and cut the head of the person sitting next to me. We had exchanged seats just before the movie started so she could see.
  7. Obtained a lithograph of an obscure Slovakian artist, which a Croatian Prime Minister previously gifted to the SACEUR, my boss at the time. His wife hated it and threw it away. Their cook recovered it from the trash and took it home. His wife also hated it and gave it to me.
  8. Got a paper cut riding on the running board of a Suburban behind (then Secretary) Cheney in the ticker-tape parade up Wall Street's Canyon of Heroes, for returning Gulf War troops.
  9. Investigated an allegation of American WWII soldiers murdering POWs fifty-one years after the fact.
  10. Watched a Bald Eagle in the wild.

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