snaarked film meme

  1. Total number of films I own on DVD or video: 49 DVDs. No video (any longer).

  2. Last film I bought: Hero (Ying xiong), 2002, directed by Yimou Zhang, starring Jet Li (Keeper-obviously).

  3. Last film I watched: Mindhunters, 2003-2005, directed by Renny Harlin, starring LL Cool J and Val Kilmer (WFD, full review in a few weeks).

  4. Five films that I watch a lot or mean a lot to me:
    • The Seven Samauri is the best 3 1/2 hour b&w film ever made. A litmus test film. Someone who falls asleep or can't sit through it can probably only be an aquaintance of mine, never a close friend.
    • High Fidelity; John Cusack making life-lists to the camera - hilarious and insightful.
    • Clerks; I loved laughing at it in the 90's waaaay too much.
    • The Quiet Earth; Although I haven't watched it in a while, it's one of those Aussie films that sticks in my head.
    • Bladerunner is one of the few films I re-watch/listen-to for background while painting.

  5. To which five people am I passing the baton? No one, of course. Meme's, by their very nature, are in no need of my assistance; making their own way thru the ehr-waves.

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