Color Quiz

I found this test simple to take and eerily accurate—not only because I am a manipulating, lazy, perfectionist, who enjoys my status quo and revels in his selfishness, but mostly because of the thinly veiled verbiage of the results.

Existing Situation
Veach is working to improve his image in the eyes of others so as to obtain their compliance and agreement with his needs and wishes.

- I manipulate others by pretending to be good?

Stress Sources
Veach wishes to be independent, unhampered, and free from any limitation or restriction, other than those which he imposes of himself or by his own choice and decision.

- My stress comes from lazyness, unemployment, and the fact that I'm off the grid?

Restrained Characteristics
Veach is demanding and particular in his relations with his partner or those close to him, but careful to avoid open conflict since this might reduce his prospects of realizing his hopes and ideas. Veach also remains emotionally unattached even when involved in a close relationship.

- I keep a leash on my aloof, unloving, cowardly, bullheaded, perfectionism at home?

Desired Objective
Veach shelves his ambitions and forgoes his desire for prestige, as he prefers to take things easily and indulge his longing for comfort and security.

- I hold on to fear-of-success and lack of consumerism to insure my couch-potato status quo?

Actual Problem
Veach fights against restriction or limitation, and insists on developing freely as a result of his own efforts.

- It all comes down to my selfish rebuking of guidance, charity, and instruction?

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