Difficult Index - pen/ink - 2001

I have--finally--come to terms with my non-writing and non-creativeness. Because my time, schedule, art, and mindset has red-shifted one step towards my past and skip-jumped over 'love to, want to do' into 'would like to accomplish this year' (combined with a sickness that has all but kept me in bed for almost a full month now) I have decided to turn this canvas to the wall.
I may return; I may not. My desire/urge to create constantly, mentally, crashes into my definite inability and causes significant stressors. Therefore, I close this creative outlet for an indefinite period.
Thanks to all who helped me through the previous sixteen months of blogging; I miss you all. Good-bye.


They claim to send a meta crawler into your entire site, select words from your blog that you use, and will print it on a shirt of your choosing.

This is the preview for snapperhead:

Not A Post

This non-post, is merely to whisper that 'rumors of my death are exaggerated' and affirm that I still have a blogging pulse. I still read all your stuff (even the not so funny stuff about 27"; the wonderful news about BOUND and being published in it; the great news about the 1st film audition; or the right-on post about 'introverted and not being a loser') but I'm rarely commenting to save time some of you may attempt to post at all when using a hand-cranking dial-up modem that is so slow it can take minutes to build one page, well, that's just not gonna happen much. Improvements are on the horizon. New computer with Wi-Fi and all the cable modem/router that I can eat.

Until then. Know that I read (and really believe SafeT is a deranged hairball just waiting to be vurped back down to the planet Urfmaqlia)... that I miss the writing and DigRends as I had it a couple months ago,...and plan to have it back. Eventually/soon/notsoonenough.


I've still not connected. Feck (to borrow a phraze from davecat) I hate not having a computer set-up. I suspect it will still be weeks until the boxes are unpacked and I am settled and the internet is up. THIS SABBATICAL IS TOO LONG AND I MISS BLOGGING (but I certainly can't write and create with the pub lick peeping over my shoulder).

Until I get settled, know that I miss you all.


Although my respite is over, I am now without proper internet access. I find that I'm not one who easily creates digital renderings or writes in an internet cafe setting. Also, I don't usually write diary entries, because explaining my cat's cuteness or complaining about my absolutely fucked new haircut, just doesn't seem to be my cuppa (which--of course--doesn't mean I don't want the chuckle reading about you and yours).

So. Here I sit with my back to the public, writing a "what I did over winter solstice" piece.

Between the last day I wrote (15 Dec) and today (4 Jan) I accomplished the following:
- rented a 20' x 8' x 8.5' POD-type container.
- emptied a 1600sqft house (with help from my paramour with the 2-person lift shit).
- loaded POD from floor to roof, wall-to-door. Solid. Should have gotten the 24'. I asked for the 24' but the salesman said a 20' would be more than enough for the small house we have. That fuck should have taken my extra 45$ and shut up.
- cleaned said house, painted a couple walls, manicured lawn and garden and pool (this sentence makes it all sound so quick and should be 4 pages should contain many words like back-breaking and heavy, and difficult, and fraught-with-complications which were unforseen [which is redundant because are any complications forseen, ever?] and so forth until the sheer weight of the words makes the reader tired).
- loaded, compacted, and prepped for transport my 5th wheel RV.
- had same towed out of the Sonoran Desert and into the forest. It had 40# of pressure in all six tires; should have had 80#. So I convinced the dude (who looked like Dennis Hopper) to pull into a truck stop to get air. At 50 cents for 3 minutes of air--over $1 per tire, a total of $7.50, and 40 minutes later--with the skin pulled away from under two finger nails, I got all 6 tires full. The only way it could have been harder, is if I pumped the tires with a hand-pump.
- began work as 'handyman veach' (10$/hr) at a quaint motel in the forested mountains, where my paramour is now the manager.
- set-up the 5th wheel and prepped for winter use.

All our shit is still in the front yard, in that POD. The apartment is still being rennovated, painted, recarpeted and re-everythinged. My bike is buried in the pile so I can't ride. My back and legs are sore. My fingers are dry and chapped. And I couldn't be happier. I go to sleep every night with a smile on my face and in my heart. I am no longer going to have 115 degree summer heat. I might get to hike in the snow this month or next. I will golf in the forest soon.

I wish to thank all who wrote or sent e-cards over the solstice season. I had hoped to jump back into posting with a vengence, but that will have to wait until I can get unpacked and seated at my own keyboard. Nonetheless. I am back.