They claim to send a meta crawler into your entire site, select words from your blog that you use, and will print it on a shirt of your choosing.

This is the preview for snapperhead:

Not A Post

This non-post, is merely to whisper that 'rumors of my death are exaggerated' and affirm that I still have a blogging pulse. I still read all your stuff (even the not so funny stuff about 27"; the wonderful news about BOUND and being published in it; the great news about the 1st film audition; or the right-on post about 'introverted and not being a loser') but I'm rarely commenting to save time some of you may attempt to post at all when using a hand-cranking dial-up modem that is so slow it can take minutes to build one page, well, that's just not gonna happen much. Improvements are on the horizon. New computer with Wi-Fi and all the cable modem/router that I can eat.

Until then. Know that I read (and really believe SafeT is a deranged hairball just waiting to be vurped back down to the planet Urfmaqlia)... that I miss the writing and DigRends as I had it a couple months ago,...and plan to have it back. Eventually/soon/notsoonenough.