giggle bone is recovering

So I'm lazing around the house, walking between the kitchen and the bedroom, fetching something to drink, (coughing, getting better, but still not good enough) when I overhear this conversation in the family room (the soft sound of filing is audible):

14 yr old: What does that thing do?
His Mom: It files down the calluses on my heels.
14 yr old: Does it hurt?
His Mom: No, it's just for the dead skin.
14 yr old: Whyzit called a Ped Egg?
His Mom: Probably cause pedafile was already taken. *giggle*
14 yr old: Your jokes aren't very funny.
His Mom: I kinda thought that was a good one.
14 yr old: You would. *14 yr old sigh*

I agree with her. It was pretty good for off-the-top-of-the-head funny. I giggle-coughed back to the bedroom. But, 14 yr olds require a solid dose of vulgarity in their funny; if she'd said, 'cause fuckin pedafile was taken,' he might of laughed.

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