All That She Want...The Road Jack — Dub FX

I am inclined to think this man's ear/mouth-coordination work much-in-the-same-way as my eye/hand.

Into love and out again, thus I went, and thus I go.
Spare your voice, and hold your pen — well and bitterly I know...
all the songs were ever sung, all the words were ever said;
could it be, when I was young, someone dropped me on my head? — Dorothy Parker

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Davecat said...

Samplers are awesome! This kinda reminds me of when I saw elder Noize statesman Boyd Rice perform in Pittsburgh back in the late Nineties. He'd created a similar performance -- layering sample on top of sample, some loops for percussion, some for melody -- but his was more, err, yelling-based. But that's what Boyd does!

This bloke in Amsterdam probably has more talent and creativity than most people in the music industry these days. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the music industry, it'll probably be the busker's life for him.