Interview and featured shill

Neil—from Citizen of the Month—organized an intra-blogosphere interview challenge, which I participated in this year (details at Great Interview Experiment Returns). From Circle of Life, Multi-Tasking Mommy's Q's and my A's are posted at: An Interview with Veach.

Also, a site that advertises pain-pills for twittering-injuries created a "featured blog".  They politely ask you to link to their ad and then add you to their blogroll. This falls into my give performing street musicians a dollar and beggars will learn to play an instrument; maybe it'll cut down on the bastaads sneaking into my comments.

I like to make films, but there are certain virtues and benefits to doing other things . . . like living. — Stanley Kubrick

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Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I really enjoyed interviewing you, Veach! Thanks for the opportunity.