Davecat Gothic

A bout du chapeau to Ptak Science Books; I include a wonderful yet anomalous "find" of Mr Ptak's:  A future photo of Davecat taken in 2046.  Although he ages quite well, it is a bit unsettling to see that in the next thirty-six years Dakota and Carolina consolidate and, accordingly, there are again 48 states. 

"Keeping a straight face with you giggling, Sidore, is not easy."

The myth holds us, thereforenot through its romantic flavor, not the remembrance of beauty of some bygone age, not through the possibilities of fantasybut because it expresses to us something real and existing in ourselves, as it was to those who first stumbled upon the symbols to give them life. — Mark Rothko


Davecat said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's not (that won't be) me, it's probably (it probably will be) one of my many Doppelgängers. How do I know this (how will I know this)? Simple! I'd never wear (I never will wear) a dress with polka dots -- I'm all about the solid colours. Polka dots are just too busy! All that polka-ing.

He does (will) age quite well, though. Maybe he's actually an Android? It would make sense!

veach st. glines said...

Wearing an I'll never wear style of attire explains why Sidore is giggling, why she'll go through the trouble to take and send it quantum-mail, (she obviously becomes a camera-eyed android) and why she'll send it back for you to see.

An ingenious lass!

"I refuse to pose in that."

"But remember the one I sent back? You don't want..."

"Oh. Butterfly effect. Touché, I'll put it on."