Thought We Had 594 Days? Now It's 14.

          Yuuup...there's always going to be someone out there more bizarre and unstable than normal-weird.  I say normal-weird because (as far as I can tell) there's always been a constant median of weirdness everywhere you look.  I've come to expect it.  If I took a downtown-stroll and didn't see at least a couple normal weirdos, I'd feel deprived—like an 'every-predator-asleep' visit to the zoo.  With the population constantly rising, I expect there to gradually be more and more normal weirdos plying their brand of loony in my vicinity; not less....nooope.

          But, these two über-weirdos say that starting on the 21st of May (in two weeks) the earth's going to begin being earthquaked to smithereens.  Then, according to their interpretation of an ancient allegorical anthology, over the next 153 days the universe crumbles and finally extinguishes on Friday, 21 October 2011.

          Shit!  I was hoping to get my golf game consistently under 90 this summer.  It was already going to be tough—I just got a new putter—but now, with constant earthquakes, it's going to be nearly impossible.  And here I was counting on the 594 more days the Mayan's promised and voting in next year's election as well.

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