Can't Stop The Serenity

          Last weekend I was a volunteer for CSTS at the Hollywood Theater.  It's run annually by the PDX Browncoats and all profits are donated to charity.

          There were over 400 fantastic theater goers watching Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog and Serenity on the big screen, with an intermission Q&A with artist Patric Reynolds (of Dark Horse Comics fame).  The after-party was relaxing-interesting, except when I verbally stumble-said brownshirts after I'd imbibed the exact-right amount of libation to make that faux pas possible (corrected immediately by every Browncoat within earshot). 

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cbglacier said...

you were a great volunteer, I have a picture of you selling raffle tickets on our flickr account, it was wonderful to meet you & your partner, we hope to see you again, best wishes