you still only get what you pay for

          Our coffee maker broke in the last move.  For the last six months we've used a french press.  A few days ago we were skulking around a large chain department store—rationalizing our guilt by focusing on our budget (both of which we pronounce as if we were René Magritte or Marcel Duchamp...targé, bud) when we stumble upon a 12-cup coffee maker.  For ten dollars.

          On the box it listed: warming plate, removable filter basket, and automatic shut off valve.   At home, it bore an uncanny resemblance to a coffee maker.  It had a real looking plug which fit snugly into an electric wall outlet; a small switch which lit up when it was turned from 'off' to 'on'; a receptacle for the cold water as well as one for a filter containing ground coffee. 

          Although it boiled water, not very much entered the filter basket.  The amount of water which did mix with the grounds was, for the most part, not able to drain into the warm pot and—instead—seeped over the edge.
          I now own an authentic looking replica of a coffee machine which is both objet trouvé and inexpensive reminder.

          In this picture it is 3/4 full of coffee, which was made in our french press.

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          This short film (from the Heavy Rain game studio) is intended to unveil their current motion capture ability.  Although it isn't—unfortunately—a teaser for their next PS3 game, it is a very effective measure of how fantastically high they're setting the bar regarding: story, character, direction, script, and cinematography.  I admire anyone (I still use singular blame) who can cause me to empathize with their character in five minutes.

Fistful of Silence by Markus Feder

For The Remainder by Omer Ben David