Return to Oz - (☆☆☆☆) film review

          I never saw this 1985 film until now.  People mentioned it, but never recommended it.  In the mid-90s, after watching The Craft, someone told me Fairuza Balk played Dorothy in Return to Oz, and when I said I hadn't seen it they replied, 'you didn't miss anything.'   So I let it slip through the cracks.

          Shame on me for trusting them.  Shame on them for being a shitty film umpire.

          It has 80s-quality special effects (greenscreen bleeding, poor claymation, and clumsy puppeteering) which needs to be overlooked with today's CGI-pampered eyes, but its script, acting, editing, and story are tight.  If you continue to not see this humorous, non-musical, dark fantasy and - instead - pay to see anything currently running at your local are throwing away your money.   


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