Purely Pacific NW by J Eklund

          Not doing so well.  Moved my entire apartment 300 feet north; the last 20 feet were vertical and I believe this is the last time I'll be capable of that task feat.  Obviously, all future moves will involve paid laborers.

          I've moved more items, several heavier, over larger distances many (dozens?) of times before...but (obvious to me today) old age calls attention to itself when a strenuous accomplishment of yesteryear can no longer be attempted.

          I shouldn't have attempted this last one.  I got spanked.  All over.  Every inch of me is having a hard time recuperating.  It's been a week.  Still feel every muscle, joint, and bruise as if I were...an old man who carried eight tons of furniture, fifteen miles, up a mountain.

          If these views were from my new apartment I'd still feel miserable, but it'd definitely lessen the sting.  

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