The Next 25 Years

          As I type, my first thought is Oh what a wonderful exercise in futility.  Immediately followed by the idea that I'm more interested in my ability to refer back to this article, and see what now-me-at-53 was focused on in the autumn of (which is 2012 for those not on the Myan long count calendar) than accurate or inaccurate predictions.

          I'm, currently, entering old-age.

          Everyone ages at a different rate.  For my mind and body, I was a child until I completely stood up to my parents; a young adult until I took total responsibility for myself (and got my first divorce); and I fully entered middle age when I retired from the military ten years ago.  Today, aches and pains combined with a decrease in gumption (hard to believe I'm more lazy than ever) marks the cusp of my winter years.  Only hindsight can confirm that prediction, because I might have an Indian Summer just over the horizon.

          I think the following things will happen over the next twenty five years:
  • President Obama is re-elected. [✓ 6 Nov 12]
    • Obamacare is re-vamped to include government single-payer option.
  • Erratic weather/earthquakes around the globe intensify.  A catastrophe for some, a boon for others. 
    • Droughts and fracking causes ranches/farms in the US Midwest to become uninhabitable.
    • A population paradigm shift occurs in many parts of the world.
  • The US elects a woman president. 
  • The Internet replaces all current TV and film entertainment formats.
    • Everything is streamed and downloaded instantaneously and in HD-quality.
    • Paper books, magazines, and newspapers are obsolete.    
  • The global recession becomes a planet-wide depression.
  • A large-scale war erupts involving many of the "major" governments.
    • Nuclear weaponry is used.
  • Same-sex marriage in the US becomes federal law.
  • A manned habitat is begun on Mars.
  • Apophis does not crash into Earth.
  • A viral pandemic kills tens of millions.
    • International travel is suspended for an extensive period.
  • Cannabis is legalized in the US.
  • Intelligent non-human extra-terrestrial life is identified. 
  • Korea is unified. 
  • Cost to mail a first class letter in the US tops one dollar.
  • US minimum wage reaches $20 an hour.
    • Massive "employee" shift occurs (from: full-time staff members; to: self-employed contractors).
  • Roads become predominantly filled with battery powered cars.
    • The US gas price tops $15.00/gallon. 
          On a personal note, I don't live to see 2037 (and will be amazed if I collect one Social Security check...which is still a viable program in 12 and a half years, it's just that I'm probably not around to collect).  I hope I marry the love of my life, Pamela The Pure (she hates that moniker).  I will eventually drive a Smartcar. 

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