Vote - When We Touch - In The Box - Not Too Shabby

          This exquisite corpse has been on the slab for eight months.

          I began the first slice (top fourth) in October of 2012, prior to the US presidential election, with my one-word title: Vote.

          It was finished this month, May of 2013, which is a minor voting month in many parts of the US.  Interestingly, local voters decided (for the fifth time since 1956) to keep our water free of added chemicals; Portland is now the only major-metropolitan US city which doesn't add fluoride to their water.

          I especially enjoy these nice coincidences:
  •  bugs in my slice are mirrored by Doctormatt's spider in his bottom slice
  •  continual grey background in all four
  •  the bending "pipe" threading through them all visually ties the entire corpse together
  •  that the heads in beatsoul's slice (In The Box) could also accidentally suggest "politicians"  
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 from last year:

1st in my heart, second place in last month's competition

Fast-forward to 3:50.