Stoker - film review (☆☆☆☆)

     Yes, quality film fans, there are still some great ones being created for those of us with patience who know where to look.

     As previously mentioned (more than enough times to suffice) I 'look to the director'—who in this case was Park Chan Wook.

     That's enough information for fans of the film Oldboy and/or his 'Vengence Trilogy'.  But for those unfamiliar with his films because they're foreign and subtitled, well...fuck on off and go shouldn't be reading these opinions...there must be a Michael Bay film you could re-watch.

     Still reading?  Then I presume you like Mr Park's style of films and you'll not be disappointed by the amount of painstaking detail he devoted on every scene, every facial expression, and especially on every silence in this one.  His pacing, score, and dialogue (which is English; his first, I believe) are all crafted with exquisite care.  There isn't a second of film in Stoker which hasn't been carefully included with forethought.   See it immediately.

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