create your happy

          Epilogue/postscript:  I really had no idea when I created/titled this digital rendering that it was the first International Day of Happiness.  Anyone and everyone familiar with the real snapperhead that is me, knows I'd have ridiculed or—at the very least—made a joke out of such a foolish and crass Hallmark-label-façade.

          In my own way, I guess I did poke fun at it.  The "hidden message" is no where near some of my previous (which can be at-or-beyond the Where'sWaldo-level).  In this one, there are dozens of recognizable images and a couple which aren't hidden in any manner at all.  What so ever.  Out in plain sight.  As the nose on your face.

          Looking for one with more challenge in the hidden stuff department?  Click on that little © below and scroll past the comics until you get to one that makes you go hummm (or one that makes you say, "I don't get that") = hidden stuff abounds. 

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