Meme naysayer challenge

          You, me, and everyone we know have been inundated by memes and are also, more than probably, guilty of adding to the deluge.  It's now considered rather gauche to forward them or to even call attention to a meme which especially tickles you by showing your screen to someone else.  At least that's the impression I have from the cheap seats—which is the vantage point of those of us who are untumbling, non-twits, who don't have our face in the book.  (Albeit there are only twelve of us under the age of 65.)  Did I just hear a collective gasp?  I also don't own an account to pay my pals.  Yup, that was an audible intake of breath.

          I am shunning common decency.  Being mostly disconnected from the vast hypertextural flow over here in my tiny blogspot eddy I can write lengthy paragraphs which are seen by very few and those who visit this rather tranquil current are enured by the rants and foma I espouse.

          With no further ado...

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