smart font

                                                   With slanted e or without...that is the question.


Davecat said...

A slanted E makes it seem more Modern. *nods*

I'm sure you'll post about it, but has it arrived yet?

veach glines said...

Latest word: Insemination (in Smartville, France...really) occurs about the day bunnies hide chocolate eggs and birth is around Memorial Day. Gestation is inexact because sometimes it travels through the canal, other times it gets lorried from the eastern seaboard.

Planning this decal to replace the factory-installed smart logo. I also think slanted e works best, but it also, maybe, draws the eye too much.

Davecat said...

Smartville, really? Is that anything like Alphaville or Tativille? Cos that would be fantastic! For the most part. I mean, Alphaville, if you've seen the film which bears its name, isn't exactly the place you'd want to start a family.

I do like your decal replacement idea. It'll make your smart car the Official s n a p p e r h e a d vehicle.

veach glines said...

(Until I just checked squire's favorite chalkboard) I thought you were being cheeky, because I only knew Alphaville from their 80's songs and Tati as a director whom I could never sit through (sober or not).

I stand corrected. And, no.

Smartville France (formerly Hambach) is better compared to Truth or Consequences, NM (formerly Hot Springs) or, best changed name goes to Dish, TX (formerly Clark) so the entire town could get free TV for a decade.