Book Ratings

I was asked, in the meat, if my book recommendations had a star-scale similar to my film scale. I responded, "of course". And then posed a question (the answer of which would provide me with necessary seconds to think and compose a scale, which I figured would not be difficult). I was wrong. So, I blathered an incomplete answer and then confessed. "I obviously haven't thought it through."

This is my result of thinking it thru:
  • Hardback: Worth new-cover publishers retail hardback price (currently approaching thirty dollars US). The term Hardback is not used to infer a book is available in hardback, merely that it is worth this price. Only books considered worth re-reading time and time again are worth this price.

  • Paperback: Worth new-cover retail paperback price and the six to twelve month wait (currently ten dollars or slightly more).

  • WFU: Wait For Used, worth waiting for availability at a used book store; web-based or locally, availability always fluctuates and some authors never stay on used bookstore shelves. Second-hand bookstores normally begin at half the cover price and fluctuate depending on supply and demand. With gas or postage, average cost is seven dollars.

  • WFL: Wait For Library, worth waiting for availability at your local library (unpredicatable range of time from months to years, depending on your library). The public library is normally free, but with gas and occasional late-fees, average cost is one dollar.

  • WFT: Waste of Fucking Time, reading this book would be a mistake. If you are at all intrigued by the story: Wait For Themovie.

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