snooped and vandalized snapperhead

Just to pass along to whomever came a-calling within the walls: Thanks for not spray-painting your tag everywhere and pissing on my stuff. Although if you'd gone that far, I'd have noticed it sooner. Nonetheless, thanks for not fucking with my blog so much that I had to wipe my template clean and load an archived copy (which was a few days old) and re-do recent stuff.

To those who don't know to what I'm referring: Someone hacked my blog's password and then changed many--if not all--of my settings. First I noticed my archived months had changed to digital (I prefer the world-recognized: month and year; not illogical-land's: month-day-year, which poses questions like, "Is that the third of October or the tenth of March?").

I figured Blogger bumped to some defaut settings when they made improvements a week ago or so. I was wrong. Once I reailized my e-mail post and post editor were no longer visible, I examined every setting. The 'comments allowed' was changed to 'registered users only', the clock was changed to 'AM/PM stamp' instead of the logical '24-hour clock'. Hell, almost everything that could have been dicked with, was.

None of the posts seem to be changed (although I haven't re-read many of the old ones, there may be altered text I have not found).

I've changed my password and have backed-up my template.

Maybe this was someone's fun and games. I will use it as a lesson learned.

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