New sidecar cat: clap-pending

There are a few new buttons in my stack worth a look, however (and more importantly) I've added a new catagory above applaudable, called: clap-pending blogs.

These sites are currently being read and scrutinized. If 'newly discovered', then they have something that caught my eye but I'm uncertain if they are worthy of applause. If they once held a position of Applaudable or Standing Ovationable, something (more than likely: a long gap of writing without a 'gone fishin' sign in the window) has caused me to no longer consider them worthy.

The reason I've added this catagory is that, up until now, I bookmarked sites for future reading; but I'm now interested in your comments and suggestions (and will remain open even when this post drops into the archives). If you think a 'clap-pending blog' should become applaudable or even that the claps should be ending, let me know here or at veachglines(at)gmail(dot)com.

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