Pissed off is sometimes justified

I was recently told my portrait made me look angry-sad. What portrait do you mean? The one on your site. Oh...the impressionistic digital rendering? Yep. *blink* What the? So, you think it looks angry and sad? Kinda, yah.

So I looked at it. Closely. I really examined it (since I haven't looked at it with more than .000238th of a glimpse in seven months). I think it is, if anything, a blurry-rainbow sticking out it's tongue surrounded by leaves with lavender eyeshadow over one eye. But. That's just me. Maybe I'm too forest-from-the-trees, here. So I took my self over to The Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer where I attempted to become happier and reduce my desire to kick my cat. He currently pisses in my presence, and not in a talking with the bathroom door open, kind of way; more in a squat next to me on the bed...did I get any of that on ya?...Shucks, I'll do better next time, kind of way.

Don't I look happy?

The vet tells me his OC disorder has become aggrevated by any number of events (real and, possibly, imagined) and I am to consider kitty Prozac.

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