Adopted Word: Essomenic

This obsolete word comes from the late 1700's and means: 'Showing things as they will be in the future.' I would love my next essomenic story to be firmly seated beyond the year 2525.

(with a tip of the tophat to Davecat)


Anonymous said...

I adopted that one too. Do you think it's safe to describe something that is "futuristic" as being "essomenic"?

veach st. glines said...

Anon-commenter: The definition of essomenic is much narrower than that of futuristic.

While one can say, "They both lived in a futuristic house." To use essomenic (correctly) it would need to read: "Detailing their homes intelligent climate, security, and maintenance systems, as well as its wind and solar-power, its water collection cisterns, and its ability to float more than 50' off the ground - were essomenic topics they always enjoyed discussing.

Futuristic is used to label items with traits we hope the future holds.

Essomenic is used to describe the act of describing what the future hopefully holds.