Continuing Nonsense

Sitting in a bookstore restroom, yesterday (the tale begins), my cold-medicine-addled brain is weighing these options:
  • Buy one large $50 book, published in the last 6 months, on website design.

  • Buy three medium sized used books, the oldest published four years ago, for a collective price of $49 (also all on website building).

  • Find a comfy chair and sit here for the next four hours; skim all four books, until I can determine which one(s) are must-own.

The diaper changing station, in front of me, becomes my focus. Clearly, the name Sturdy Station was chosen with a *wink* and a *nudge*. I would have preferred: sTURDy STATION, but that would have been too heavy handed, I guess (the tale ends on the not so funny punchline as I buy three books).

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