Exquisite Corpse

The title of the Exquisite Corpse #0048, of which my portion was the last (bottom) 200 pix, is:

The Goddess Says | And Cents For | Space Cookies | Crowned Blightcorpse

Details, rulze, FAQ, history, and past corpses can be found at New Exquisite Corpse.

(My slice was based on the 15pix from the bottom edge of the 3rd slice. And, the JPEG I received was completely black except for a small blurry bit of aqua near the left side and a tiny bit of the bottom edge of the 'space cookie'. Now, I see that it was not completely black, but just greyish and I'm not pleased with the "seam". None-the-less, my first whack at 'corpse-ing' has been informative.)

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