Anatomical Doll - strip

With a snide but oh so smarmy wink and nod to Davecat at Shouting to Hear the Echoes I present my first single-cell comic: The only things one can admire at length, are those one admires without knowing why. — Eleanor Roosevelt (first lady - twelve years; delegate to the UN - nine years)


Davecat said...

Dolls can see things we can't! Cos I sure as hell couldn't ever get those Magic Eye pictures to work for me.

Irenka said...

If you want to add a funny caption, you should do that on the own site, but not by copying and modifying the original photo from our website. That is breach of copyright.
The company " Anatomical Doll "

veach st. glines said...

Irenka, you are correct; I posted your picture and violated your copyright. I posit that my caption on a single pic from your site is merely fair use. The equivalent of a critic including a snippet of text in his criticism, but realize you'd not agree.

But alas, the anonymity and ephemeral nature of this hypertextural giggle makes the post, and especially these comments, as noticeable to the real world as scrawling on the bathroom walls of the Titanic.