New Cat

Decided it was time (the 14 months without a cat was fine, but it was time), so I looked for a month or so and finally found and brought home a 3 to 4-month-old kitten from a shelter.

He's mostly white with black splashes. Some of the black spitter-splashed in a smattering of small he has almost a Dalmatian-thing going in coloration (but not in shedding). Although he is a domestic shorthair, his coat is extremely short and slick—like a seal's—and there's a sizable dollop of Abyssinian in his not-too-distant ancestry, so he has large ears and a small, pointy head (which lends him a Spuds Mckenzie-thing in the looks department).

I've named him Powell. I call him Pow.

He has been living here for five days and has demonstrated:
  • Fetching. Throw a wad of paper, it's returned in short order to be re-thrown.
  • He easily drinks from a syringe placed in the corner of this mouth. This is essential to taking cats hiking in the I can decide when and how much he needs to re-hydrate. It also makes administering liquid medications simple.
  • He sleeps near my shoulder or curled under an arm (it is important to me that he enjoys human proximity). Also, a plus because our other cat, Aggie, prefers the between-our-legs spot.
  • Allows the clipping of nails, the administering of earmiticide, and immersion in water without display of anger or fear (not that he loved a bath, just that he tolerated it).
  • Socializes wonderfully with other cats (ours and a couple of locals who visit routinely).
  • Rides in a car (in and out of a carrier) with no problems or complaint.
  • Not overly boisterous. He has a diminutive vocal range, and seems to use quiet vocalizations rather than loud or incessant ones.
  • Will drink out of a plastic water bottle cap held in my hand (valuable for when he's thirsty and a larger receptacle is not available).
  • Doesn't extend his claws or forcibly bite when engaging in pseudo-aggressive play behavior.
  • Follows me when I walk ahead (for 200+ feet). This was done only in a controlled setting, but it looks promising that he may be able, and willing, to hike with me when he gets older.
  • Still working on: 'No', 'Come here' and his name as a 'pay attention to me' signal. Need to test his ability to ride in a cat-backpack. Need to locate an 'open' area (visually) to train him to hike. Establish wearing a collar = going hiking.


Davecat said...

Pow (love that nickname; I assume he's named after Powell's bookstore?) sounds like an incredibly low-maintenance kitty-type person. And he fetches, too? Next, you'll be telling me he's a Certified Public Accountant.

veach st. glines said...

Portland has the bookstores as well as a Powell Road, Powell Blvd, and other things. I like the name for its local ties, but mostly I love the nickname.

My Paramour suggested it, and I immediately agreed. She now (when not going for brevity, which is more than a lot) calls him 'Pow Pow Kapow'.

Me, I stick with Pow.

Davecat said...

Photographs of Kitty Boom Boom... err, Pow Pow Kapow, are required. It's Cat Law. :-)

veach st. glines said...

Pic of Powell posted here.