Think about Thinking (Just This One Time)

When was the last time you thought for yourself?

It is a simple question.

Immediately, one wants to—jumps to, knee-jerks to—say:I always think for myself. Because the obverse is to admit to being a proud member of the follower-masses.But.Think about it.Think about thinking.

How do you pick a film, listen to a song, or buy an outfit?Do you purchase anything—from the smooth creaminess spread on your soft-crusty-whole-grain-goodness, to the quantity of dots per inch on this screen—without first seeking advice, doing research and comparing your need-desire with your budget?


Are you thinking for yourself—then—or are you asking for and allowing marketing specialists (formal and informal) to be your umpires?

When a new slice of information hits your eardrum and lodges into your neurons—do you allow that snip of data to stand?Do you question it?Do you seek out the actual facts, or do you accept what ‘someone says was said’?

Are you a critical thinker or have you chosen an information provider, which shapes and spices the data it provides so that it informs your mental palate in a manner that does not upset your subjectively slanted sensibilities?

Or... are you open and objective?

The 1st Amendment to the US Constitution, which prevents the government from limiting religion, free-speech or the press, is a double-edged sword.While it allows me to say (here, for example) whatever I want, it also permits Rupert Murdock to broadcast any fiction, on all of his news outlets—from print, to TV, to the internet.I may get read by two or three.He will be BELIEVED by millions.

Are you a tool?Are you one of Murdock’s millions?

I am not saying that FOX News should not be watched, nor that the New York Post or Wall Street Journal or The Times should not be read, nor that American Idol or hulu should not be viewed, nor that MySpace should not be used (all owned by Murdock) what I am saying is—be a critical thinker.And.Stop.Listening.To.Talking.Heads.They.Are.Only.Making.You.Bleat.


[For more on Murdock: his picture above, and the title of this post, are informative links.]

All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach. — Adolf Hitler

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