Kirby Archer: an infamous friend

          Kirby Archer was introduced to me in 1999 when I assumed duties as the SAC of a small CID office, in a US military community in central Germany.  He was a Military Police Sergeant attached-on-orders to my office to investigate drug crimes.  He was an enthusiastic worker and expressed interest in applying for training as an apprentice CID special agent.

          Over the months I associated with him off-duty—occasionally.  Cops tend to befriend other cops.  I knew his lovely, extremely young, pregnant wife.   He commissioned a work of art from me (which sagged over his couch for years and when I offered to stabilize it firmly to the wall, he declined, stating that he liked it that way).  He could be personable and even charismatic at times.

          He had (maybe still has—even in prison?) a weird thing about food.  First, he would never eat anything green.  No green jello.  No green icing on a birthday cake.   No green beer on St. Patty's day.  Second, there was no such thing as "leftovers" in his refrigerator.  Anything not eaten was discarded.  No Tupperware.  He owned no plastic wrap.  Barbecue's at his house meant everyone else took the uneaten food home.

          He appeared overly protective of his wife.  After an a abbreviated evening of live music and drinking, he was bounced out of a club for punching someone in the face.  He claimed the guy fondled his wife's breast as they were elbowing through the crowd.  I didn't see the frottage.  His wife was far-more upset with his overreaction than the titty-graze.

          When I learned Archer could speak Spanish, we subsequently discussed his '95 assignment, as security/interpreter at Guantanamo Bay during the Cuban detainee 'boat people' crisis.  I recall some stories and his claim of making good friends there.   I recall a picture of him posing in uniform in front of a fence and all the small, dirty, smiling faces mugging for the camera behind that fence.   All the disheveled little boys seemed innocuous to their situation.   Archer's smile in that photo was innocuous to his looming future with the 'shoe on the other foot'.

          Soldiers perform their military mission regardless of their sexual-orientation every day, and Archer was no different.  My first indication of his homosexuality was when he told me, in late 2000 or early 2001, that he'd changed his mind about applying to become an agent.   His previous enthusiasm had vanished and the only explanation he provided was an unusually vague, "I just changed my mind."  I learned, much later, that his attitude had changed after he learned about the extensive background investigation which would have to be "passed" before he would be able to become an Agent (homosexual behavior still results in a black X on Top Secret clearances, in the military).

          In 2002: I retired, Archer was transferred from Germany to Oklahoma, and although we fell out of contact, I learned (from his ex-wife) he was divorcing her because he'd decided to live an outwardly homosexual lifestyle.  He was still an active duty MP at that time.

          I compiled the rest of this story from open-sources, pieced together from press clippings mailed to me by a friend of my mothers who lives in Florida and this web of internets.  I've also made a few guesstimates about some of Archer's actions because, although he eventually confessed, there's not one clear rendition of this near-epic ready to be made-for-TV-saga.  Since this extensive sequence of events has not been compiled anywhere else, anyone—including Archer himself—who wants to suggest corrections, please, feel free.

          At some point between 2003 and 2005, I think Archer decided not to reenlist even though he'd attained the rank of Staff Sergeant (E6) and served at least ten years on Active duty.  It's possible he failed to keep his off-duty homosexual behavior away from his chain-of-command and they administratively discharged him.  (Note: see the comment section for updated clarification on this paragraph's information.)

          He left his male lover, moved to Arkansas, and re-married a woman whom he dated in high school.  Coincidentally, his second wife had the same name as his first: Michelle.  Although both women birthed several boy-babies, the first was a small, dainty, Philippino and the second was a very-healthy Arkansan.   I suspect, in regards to his affairs of the heart and groin, Archer was "moving with the winds" rather than making any real decisions.

          Archer got a job at the local Wal-Mart and over the next few years worked his way up to Assistant Manager.  He became enamored with some of the clerks and stock-boys who, obviously, took advantage of his willingness to provide them with alcohol and a place to imbibe it.  Alcohol, and drugs, and 17-year-olds...oh my!  Only this was Arkansas.  Where it don't matter if those boys are a-wantin to stem the rose, they're not of age and that'd be Statutory Rape.

          He learned, probably from the boys (but possibly from a local cop he'd have had plenty of time to befriend) about the local grand jury preparing to indite him.  An arrest warrant was on the way.  A plan had to be hatched.  And Archer chose to flee (for he knew what awaited a gay ex-cop kiddie rapist).

          He removed a microwave from off the shelf, filled it with the daily cash-receipts, put it back in its box, and pushed it out to his car when he went off shift.  Good night to all and to all a good night.  (Note: see the comment section for updated clarification on this paragraph's information.)

          He turned right toward Florida instead of left toward Arkansan-Michelle and had $92K and a 1.2 cu ft Sanyo microwave to begin his new getaway life.

          Archer arrived in southern Florida where a friend he'd renewed contact with now resided: a 20-year-old man named Zarabozo.  Bozo was a little boy of about eight in 1995 when he was a Cuban detainee at Guantanamo Bay (I think I've seen a picture of him from then).  Archer re-connected with Bozo.  They spoke Spanish together.  They stemmed the rose together.  They fabricated getaway plans together.

          Bozo was now a security guard.  Bozo had a 9mm pistol.  Bozo was infatuated with his childhood friend who was then and is still shit-packed-to-the-gills full of unbelievably tall tales.

          And Archer.  Ex-military.  Ex-cop.  Ex-husband (x3).  Ex-WalMart assistant manager.  Extremely poor decision-making-skill possessing felon-on-the-run (who knew he had it in him?..not me.)  He was now (definitely) carrying a pistol.

          Archer was just smart enough to realize that $92K would not last long (and not one neuron smarter).  He decided he needed to get out of the country and thought if he could get to Cuba he wouldn't be extradited, his dwindling money would stretch for many years, and it was someplace he could fit-in because he spoke the language.  He thought he and Bozo would live there happily ever after.

          Archer hired a deep-sea fishing boat, the Joe Cool, and four crew for $4K cash and told them he needed transport to Bimini Island, Bermuda, where his girlfriend was waiting with his passport.

          His actual plans were to hijack the boat and force them, at gunpoint, to take he and Bozo near the coast of Cuba where they'd disembark in the lifeboat and never be seen by American eyes until the statute of limitations expired on: four counts of kidnapping, one count of grand theft, multiple counts of sexual congress with a minor, several counts of flight to avoid prosecution, and one count of being abysmally stupid in a zone limited to simple dumb asses (which is—actually—only about ten years).  If Archer had succeeded and was currently a resident of Cuba, instead of Pollack USP, he would have been the first person I knew with an Interpol warrant.

          But.  Almost to Bimini, Archer's "plan" shit the bed.

          It probably unfolded OK at first, but then one of the three men being hijacked decided to call Archer's bluff, attempted to jump him and ended up leaking fluid out of a couple of new holes.  With premeditated homicide on the table, Archer—at that point—had nothing additional to lose by shooting the screaming and pleading other three crew members.  I'm certain he knew that and did it rapidly.

          After all four were tossed overboard to be eaten by sharks, Archer and Bozo headed south toward Cuba.  Several hours later (maybe they were unable to navigate) the deep sea fishing boat ran out of gas.

           This is my first dunno
—a boat that size, with enough gas to get to Bimini, would have enough to get near Cuba.  Why it didn't is not something I can figure out.  My best guesstimate is: it did have enough gas on board, but when the hijacking began the boat captain hit a cut-off switch to stop fuel from the second gas tank from reaching the engines.  (New information:  I learned from this book: the boat captain only put enough fuel on-board to get to Bimini, in order to travel much faster.)

          Archer and Bozo got in the lifeboat and began to paddle.

          The US Coastguard picked them up the next day—many miles from the empty boat, many miles from The Bahamas, many miles from Cuba, and many miles from Florida . . . but closer to federal penitentiary than the Bozo boys had planned.  (Also learned from same book:  the gulf-stream caused their life raft to float north...away from the Joe Cool and Cuba, faster than they could paddle.  I find this hilarious.  If you tried to make this shit up, it would read as an over-the-top farce.)

          Almost a year of legal fumblings and Archer eventually plead guilty.  I stopped tracking the case at that point, and don't know if Bozo was found guilty or not.

          As is always the case with true stories, there are unknowns: Archer was found with only $2,200 on him in the life raft; where is the rest? — I suspect most of it was spent foolishly in the many months Archer was "on the lamb."

          Why didn't they sink the fishing boat once it ran out of gas? — I would guess panic.

          Why didn't Archer feed Bozo to the sharks (preventing him from confessing)? — maybe love or maybe even Archer had a line he wouldn't cross.

          ...the high crime rate of our society must be due to the pressures that modern conditions put on people, to which many cannot or will not adjust. — Theodore Kaczynski


Anonymous said...

Thanks- as someone who knew the crew, your article is both informing and disrespectful. Glad it's good enough entertainment for you to follow partially through.

veach st. glines said...

You are more than welcome anonymous commenter - as someone who was hoping to chime both the informative and disrespectful bells simultaneously, I'm glad to not only have succeeded, but to have quenched your ego-surfitudeness.

As for the underage-sex/grand-theft/hijacking-kidnapping/multiple-murder being: 'good-enough follow partially through' - I don't know what that means.

Unless you're implying the two-year-long escapades of Mr Archer and Mr Bozo were un-entertaining. But that couldn't be it, because (like my Papa always said) it's always fun and games until someone puts an eye out, and then it is 100% pure entertainment.

Michelle said...

Hey it's Michelle #1 and I do believe you got it right on the money!

Michelle said...

In 2003 he did reenlist, but went AWOL in Sept or Oct and ran his parent's gas station in Gainsboro AR. Sometime between 2004-2006 he was jumping from job to job not able to keep anything for more than a few months.

The early part of 2003 he was doing MPI work but was being investigated for child molestation and although law enforcement felt very strongly that he was guilty they didn't have enough evidence because the little boy was only 2 1/2 at the time. The day he was scheduled to take lie detector test is when he went AWOL.
In Aug of 2006 he was once again being investigated for child molestation, but charges were unfounded. It was a new investigator that worked the case.
Then in Jan of 2007 he was investigated for child molestionon on several boys. He was not allowed visitation with his own children and was removed from the house he shared with Michaele #2. I believe the day he was suppose to go for a lie detector test in Sharpe County he stole the money and remained missing until they found him on the life raft. During the last investigation they felt there was enough evidence and were going to arrest him, but he fled before they could.

veach st. glines said...

Hello Michelle #1, it's been years since you and I've talked. From what you describe of his AWOL situation, it appears he made a habit of running when caught. And he - obviously - didn't make good decisions before, or after, he ran.

Because the "prison shelf life" of ex-police child-molesters is similar to left-over cottage cheese on the kitchen counter (unless kept in a solitary-cell location), I suspect Kirby will not survive to see his 40th birthday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, this is Zac. To those of you who don't know who I am. I am Michelle's ex-fiance, the one she left a week before the wedding to be with Kirby. I was stationed with Kirby at Ft. Lee, Va. Both being military police we became good friends, to the point I looked at him like an older brother. I had moved in with him off post, sharing a two bedroom trailer and rent. I know of an instance that he was messing around with a female MP, that was married with a child. For some reason he had her child's picture up on our living room wall. I questioned who's child it was and got an answer but never questioned it further. I guess it all makes sense now. The day I found out the woman I loved was fooling around with my so called friend, I saw red. The only thing that stopped me from going after him was his duty weapon sitting on the kitchen counter beside him, and the fact that a REAL friend had just taken my handgun from me an hour earlier because I was really upset about the fight Michelle and I just had. The fight was before I found out about the affair. I look back and that time in my life and wonder, if I had followed through with what I wanted to do to him, how much better I can have made the life for those two children who lost both there parents that day on the water. I am now happily married with kids of my own, but I feel like I could have saved these four lives by sacrificing my own and spending my life in jail.

veach st. glines said...

Thank you, Zack, for sharing this information.

If you had committed a Pubic Service Homicide over a dozen years ago, it would not have been only four dead boaters lives you would have saved, but also the children whom he molested (which I've heard recently includes his biological son as well as, possibly, a step-son).

Obviously, hindsight affords those who "knew the monster" to ponder options we weren't prescient enough to choose.

However, consider Mark David Chapman's assertion that the reason he killed John Lennon is explained in Catcher in the Rye...which is suspected to mean Chapman thought of himself as The Catcher who was protecting the world from Lennon's future acts, because he was able to see them. (Holden Caulfield dreamed he kept a group of children, playing tag in a tall field of rye, from falling off an adjacent cliff they were too short to see.)

Anonymous said...

Michell and Zac, this is Bruce Scott from Fort Lee, Va. First of all Michell I am so sorry you had to go through such a mess I hope you and your children are doing fine. My email address is still the same. To Zac, remember I was the injured Firefighter who worked at the M.P. station for a year. I am glad you got married and are happy now. I remembered everything you wrote in your post. It seemed to me it just happened yesterday. I remember your parents use to send you good seafood from La. I always thought of you as a good guy. Who would have ever thought we would know and befriend someone like Kirby. He was an expert at not showing who he really was. Bruce

D said...

Hey Michelle #1, this is David Strickland your friend and neighbor in both Germany and Ft. Lee. We even lived in the same building in Germany on Mercur Star. I am sorry to here that you had to endure such a life with Kirby. You are such a sweet person. I remember Kirby as always being a little wierd. He even tried to.end my military career on some messed up charges from my ex-wife. He was working MP then and told me he did not care if i was innocent or not he charges everybody. It was a great thing that my neighbor saw everything that night and stood up for me. I was shocked to see him on TV facing those charges, but i must admit after getting to know him a bit more found him to be a bit wierd. again I am so sorry to hear that u suffered a few years of your life with him. I pray that you and your children are better off now. Take care old friend.

veach st. glines said...

I offer my sincerest thank you's to Bruce Scott and David Strickland for their comments.

We can only know: the portions of the stories we've individually witnessed, what's been in the press (always suspect) and the fact that Kirby confessed to the murders.

Michelle said...

Thanks Bruce and David. Bruce I tried to e-mail you but it didn't work. I still have the same e-mail try to e-mail me. David I remember you and your sweet little girl from the cleaners. I'd love to know how our doing doing you have a facebook account?

Anonymous said...

i worked with kirby briefly at rent-a-center in batesville, arkansas. he was quite an oddball, down to making deliveries in a suit and wearing a spiderman button-up shirt and jeans on fridays (r.a.c. shirt and jeans was what was actually acceptable on fridays).

he was flaky, and kept leaving for what he said was discussions with a wal-mart bigshot to become some kind of security supervisor job at wal-mart. this was unbelievable enough, but one day when the store mgr had enough of his saying he'd have a job offer any day now, he pressed him for a date of resignation. a short time later that day, kirby left rent a center.

it was a couple of months later we finally saw him performing csm (customer service mgr) duties at the local wm. then it was not too many months later i saw him on CNN being arrested!

as i recall he paid for the microwave with his employee discount, took it to the back where he knew there was no camera looking down on it not far from the money room, made the register close-down rounds (collecting $90k+), sent home the strategically-chosen new girl who had accompanied him on the rounds (this helper is supposed to remain with the csm until money is counted and put in the safe as a checks & balances security measure), put the money in the microwave, walked unsuspectantly out the door. he even got pulled over up the road, but no police alerts had yet been released.

veach st. glines said...

Thanks anonymous resident of Arkansas. This is the first I'd heard that he duped a new girl and was pulled over after the theft but released.

All very interesting pieces of the puzzle.

ralph said...

man this is crazy kirby use to b my uncle his brother married my mom and ive been to florida with him and i think i met that Bozo kid

veach st. glines said...

Well Ralph, if Kirby's brother married your mother, he's still your Uncle - living in a Louisiana Penitentiary doesn't alter that relationship (unless they divorced, then he's your ex-Uncle).

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

veach st. glines said...

For all who don't parlez Français: 'It seems you're an expert in this field, your comments are very interesting, thanks.'
Expertise, Daniel? I have very little of that, but there seems to be a plethora of people interested in Kirby...those who knew him, those who know of him, and those who wish to know more about him.

Anonymous said...

What a great web log. I spend hours on the net reading blogs, about tons of various subjects. I have to first of all give praise to whoever created your theme and second of all to you for writing what i can only describe as an fabulous article. I honestly believe there is a skill to writing articles that only very few posses and honestly you got it. The combining of demonstrative and upper-class content is by all odds super rare with the astronomic amount of blogs on the cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

Hello All,
My name is Kevin and I knew Kirby when he was 16 or so and we were friends up until 2004. We actually travel cross country together. To hear all this is so shocking but also so real. Never once to he try anything with me. We were best friends for a while. I started to not like him when I found out he was cheating on his girlfriend who had a kid. I can't believe this guy did all this. I never saw this side of him. I spend 8 or more hours a day with him for probably 5 years. What a mind blower. I wish there was something I could have done to change all this. He told tall tails when he was a kid but I just thought he would grow out of it.


veach st. glines said...

Thank you Anonymous on 31 Jan 11.

Kevin, I appreciate your shared experiences with Kirby and would like to know more about the 'tall tales' he told when he was a kid.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I was shocked as well I knew Kirby and Michelle #1 I had no idea what he was doing to his kids. I dated him after he and michelle seperated and yes I am a guy. I am so Glad we didn't stay together he was stealing from me and lied a lot. And I also remember seeing that picture of Bozo always thought it weird he still had it.

veach glines said...

Thanks for commenting Anon. The stealing and deception seems to have been a strong ans consistent flaw.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to get in touch with people who knew Kirby Archer personally for a true crime documentary.

Please email: if you can help put me in touch with Archer's first wife,or anyone who knew him early in his military career.


Unknown said...

Hi. I knew Kirby. I worked with him at Wal-Mart. As far as I can read, the majority of your article is correct (or what I've been told is correct) except for the part about Wal-Mart. Kirby was not an Assistmant Manager for Wal-Mart. He was a CSM (customer service manager) which is an hourly supervisor position. I was one of the Assistant Managers on duty the night Kirby stole the money. He and I had pulled the registers that night. Me, being new to that store (every store has it's own ways of doing things) wasn't aware of how things were done there. I questioned several decisions he had made that night, we talked throughout the night, and he was aware that I was going to leave early. This gave him a window. It was his last night as a CSM, and his last opportunity to get away with the money. The next day, he was to relinquish his keys and report as a Department Manager on the salesfloor. The next morning, when I reported to work, I heard about what he had did the night before. Through several testimonies, I was also told that Kirby had paged me 10 minutes after I left the store. Why? I don't know. Maybe to see if I had left already so he knew the coast was clear? I hate to speculate, and the thought gives me chills, especially because of the Joe Cool crew. Another thing not in your blog, was that Kirby was stopped for speeding in Arkansas that same night. The police stopped him, ran his ID, and let him go. At that time, they had no idea that Kirby just stole $92k from a Wal-Mart less than 2 hours before.

Anonymous said...

wow, i've often wondered about what you had to go thru...this is the guy who posted Aug 24, 2010. i worked with kirby at rent-a-center next to that walmart before he got on at wm. i had moved to texarkana by the time this happened, but my store manager at r-a-c called me about it, and of course i saw the cnn coverage. i knew he had gotten pulled over somewhere and the alert hadn't gotten out yet about the theft

Anonymous said...

It's crazy thinking about this now. I worked for walmart at the time that this happened, I was a cashier/cart pusher and had a lot of interaction with Kirby. He always seemed pretty cool, we would chat about movies, video games, music, etc...

I was working the night he stole the money with another friend of mine and as he left, he told us good night and said he'd see us at work the next day but them I got a phone call from another friend who worked there telling me what happened and I was pretty surprised. He was always wearing a suit and seemed to get along with everyone so I never expected him to be capable of something like that but apparently he wasn't what he appeared to be which is pretty normal these days.

Anonymous said...

This story is being shown on Fatal Encounters and of course it's abbreviated, so I found this blog. One cannot help but feel sorry for every living thing that came in contact with Archer. To define him as a sociopath would be too soft & nice. How were so many people attracted to him? His charisma level must have been through the atmosphere! A lot of good, innocent people were harmed by that man and I sure hope all who had to deal with him have been able to close that book and move forward. (Although I can't help but be curious how Michelle could leave one man for a guy like Archer! She left him a week before her wedding for Archer? as I'm sitting here scratching my head at her!)

veach glines said...

Thank you for all your varied comments JAN-thru-APR unk/anon people.

I considered deleting the friggie49 comment; it might be legit (doubtful) but since I don't alter/delete comments unless they are spam, I left it.

Especially thank you Unk Assistant Manager - it was unclear why Archer chose that specific day (only surmised that he was aware of impending indictment) knowing that he would lose his keys to the daily cash receipts the very next day is a valuable puzzle piece.

Also, I was unaware of the Fatal Encounters blip.

Chris said...

My name is chris and I was stationed in germany and lived in the same building as michelle and kirby. I lived in the next stairwell over on the second floor. I used to hang out with them and the people who lived above me at the time. I can't remember their names but the wife was a high school friend of michelle's. Its been so long I am so not good with names. I just watched the fatal attractions show on ID and as soon as I heard his name and saw his face I was like wow I know this guy. Then of course I had to google search and found this blog and yep I was right. I am just so shocked. From that 2 year period of knowing him I never once thought that he was capable of doing something like this. Then again you can know someone and never ever really know them. I truly do feel for the victims and their families. Its so horrid to think that you can just go out one day and your life will change so drastically. I hope they can find some peace to the fact those two were caught and they will never again hurt anyone.

I had heard rumors before I left germany about some things that were going on with kirby. But of course you never really know whats true and what isn't. Rumors are spread so easily especially in the military. Its very hard to know that someone who was involved with the military police would do this. Its also very hard to think how or why someone with children would do those things to other children.

I have been out of the military since 2006 and I can remember having some great times while in germany. Knowing what I know now still wont change the good memories I had but it really does make one think. I have six children of my own now and I am really cautious of them. Especially after watching the Discovery ID channel. There are so many horrible people out there but at the same time there are so many good people to. I just hope I can teach them right and pray they will turn out good. Hopefully they will stay away from the bad as well and not fall victim to things like this.

I am not sure if you remember me or not Michelle. At the time I was married to a german citizen and we even watched your dog for you one time. If I remember correctly it destroyed one of your couches. I also have you to thank for my love of lumpia. One thing I remember was you used to make it so well. I hope you are doing well and my heart goes out to you as well as your children.

Thank you for writing this Veach Glines.

Anonymous said...

He never was an assistant manager...he was a customer service manager (csm) and he was fixing to transfer to Dairy manager the next day after his incident. His exwife accused him of molesting their child and the judge was rendering their verdict, so he fled. He was doing pulls from the cash registers and took a new associate who didnt know better..after taking the box back to accounting and teling the new associate to leave...he put the cash in the microwave box, paid for it and left. He did not take a taxi all the way from there as discovery said. According to police, he got stopped in Bono (those cops are always getting you) for a missing taillight.However, the cop let him go. The apb wouldnt be out on him for another 20 minutes. Walmsrt hadnt noticed the money was gone yet (since he waited til after his shift to buy the microwave). He was always telling associates how easy it would be to take that pull money, but no one thought hed ever actually do it. After being pulled over, he got into the taxi (he was probably shook up after that). My whole family worked with him.

Anonymous said...

I was a Federal Police Officer working at Fort Sill, OK. Archer was working MPI when I got there. I found him to be a likable guy and really didn't know much about him. Once he went AWOL I heard all the rumors. Once he returned he was put on gate guard duty and was pretty quiet. I believe he was then discharged and moved to Arkansas. I was surprised to hear of his murder spree.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your insight. Great blog, and as horrific as this man's actions are it is easy to see how he got away with it. Clearly at times he was able to keep his demons at bay. I too watched the program on ID and googled for more info. Thank you all for sharing the background of this story.

Anonymous said...

i purchased the "murder on the high seas" book for my wife for christmas. i rarely read books (laziness when it comes to such things), but i look forward to hearing her tell me about what she reads. i may actually read it, since it IS about a guy i knew and worked with

Letha Archer said...

Kirby turned 43 this week in Atwater USP. I am an ex-family member. I lived with him and his parents when we were both 14. The whole family is weird. They still beleive he is innocent. And by the way he did father his nieces child as was ileged and denied in one of his divorce procedings. He was 21, she was 15.Child molesting runs in the family

Anonymous said...

I remeber the day I saw Kirby's photo on Fox news. I was cleaning my livingroom in Germany when the name "Kirby Archer" was mentioned, I thought was odd, looked up and saw his face. I completely for got about Kirby's food quirks. My wife even watched the boys and Michelle watched our little girl at some point. I have had several meetings with Kirby, only one being very odd. One of those things that never makes sense until later. It makes me sad to hear the story, as this was some of the best times in Germany before fun was no longer part of being there. Odd that no agency or outlet has covered the time line after the trial. It is a very story to all parties, senseless losses and not having closure.

Anonymous said...

Just a minor correction - Bimini is in the Bahamas, not Bermuda. Sorry to all family members, and hope you are all moving forward from this ghastly nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so here's my part, Michelle # 1 was quite a nice person, I met her several times and spoke to her often via phone and few other times in person. He toatally didn't deserve her. ARCHER used to be one of my Soldiers at Sill. (I am a former Supervisor of ARCHER). ARCHER went to BNCOC. Then went AWOL from BNCOCHer returned to Sill Circa 2002-2004 timeframe after going AWOL from BNCOC. I located him via phone at his apartment and told him he needed to report back to military control He told he wasn't coming back, thanked me for my cocnern and told me to have a nice life. Now he had a lover/life partner/etc... at Sill who was also a active duty Soldier and we spoke to that Soldier whilst spreading pixie dust upon him. I didn;t hear anything else after that because I PCS'd. Shortly after retiring from the Army (Maybe 2 months or so) I get a phone call from the FBI wanting me to come to Miama to testify about this clown. I told I woudl gladly do so as he was only a mediocre Soldier at best. H Bottom line, he's a piecce of garbage and deserves to rot where he's at. Former 95B40V5P

veach glines said...

Thanks for the clarifications! The Bermuda/Bahamas mistake was mine.

The fact that he went AWOL while attending the Basic Non-commissioned Officer Course is very helpful. I could never understand why he chose to become a deserter when he did; after so many years of soldiering, and several of them as quasi-openly gay (when Don't Ask Don't Tell was in effect). If the regimen/pressures of BNCOC caused him to leave the school (not the hardest school -- physically or mentally -- in the military, but not everyone are capable of graduating. Many soldiers are not mentally prepared to "return" to the strict regimen of a live-in military training school). If he left the school without formally "quitting" he would have been listed as AWOL. It is a slippery slope at that point for a Staff Sergeant. Because, if I remember correctly, BNCOC is a requirement for promotion to Sergeant First Class, and if he could not have been promoted to SFC, he would not have been able to re-enlist in order to retire at the 20-year mark.
So he would have gotten an administrative bar-to-reenlist and was going to be out of the military in a few years...he knew all this, obviously, and decided to desert until he got dropped from the military rolls.