The Decade's Best Horror Films

Spanning the sub-genres of monster, boogie man, vampire, slasher, and zombie—these are my ten-best horror films of the 2000's. (Actually, they are all monster films, aren't they?)

What for you bury me in the cold, cold ground? — The Tasmanian Devil


MontiLee Stormer said...

I agree with you on Frailty, 28 Days Later, and REC.

I enjoyed Le Pacte Des Loups

I never saw American Psycho.

I'd add The Gift, The Saw Series - because it changed the way movies were written - the sympathetic killer.

Also the American remake of Ringu, the Japanese Premonition.

I should do a best of list as well, but I've seen so many horror movies in the last six months alone, I know I'd forget something.

veach st. glines said...

In my opinion, The Gift is a crime thriller, not horror. I did not like the Saw Films. I don't get scared by Japanese horror and I consider remakes a separate (lesser) category.