2011's rainy days - 6 games, 7 books, 7 films

Games:  Stacking, I Am Alive, LA Noire, Portal 2, From Dust, Agent
Books:  Dark Command, Judging Eye, Wise Mans Fear, Ancestor, Terminal State, The Weight, Best European Fiction 2011
Films:  Rango, I Am Number Four, Adjustment Bureau, Battle: Los Angeles, Sucker Punch, Cowboys vs Aliens, Green Lantern

How does one plan for the inevitable need to while away at least 500 indoor hours of the coming year, on those days when the battleship-grey weather shiver-whispers:  Even a barely functioning moron would never golf or hike with his cat on a day like today....By spending about $500, that's how.


Anonymous said...

suckerpunch was great you should go see it and what's with the 3 plus for source code?

veach glines said...

Anon - I posted my reply.

veach glines said...


GAMES = STACKING (mid-Feb) - great fun; 100% after 12 hours play.
PORTAL2 (end-Apr) - good puzzles, funny; too expensive for 24 hours of play.
LA NOIRE (end-May) - Posted Review.

FILMS = I AM FOUR, BATTLE:LA, SUCKER PUNCH = <50 metrics (won't pay to see); RANGO, THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, and HANNAH = 4 stars (each, recommend all three); THE SOURCE CODE = 3+

BOOKS = THE WISE MAN'S FEAR = 5 stars (Best Book I've read in a decade); THE JUDGING EYE = 3 stars (forgettable); European Fiction 2011 = 3+