1970, Winter, Ohio

...one floor below me you don't even know me, I love you...
              -  Caught my Mother in a lie; began filtering my thoughts and actions (and stopped confiding).
              -  Had my first crush on a classmate—Janice Brailer (but not on her twin, Janet).
              -  Discovered masturbation (far out, man).
              -  Began to cultivate a new-found interest in music different from that favored by family members.
              -  Asked for a Panasonic Ball Radio for Christmas, which I'd seen in a magazine.
              -  Joined the Nashport Elementary basketball team (a mean feat for the shortest boy in class).
              -  Became crossing guard (allowed to be late for first period; had to leave last period before everyone else).

               I actually received the Christmas present I asked for—unheard of in my family—since we normally received clothes, books, safe and sanitized bargain-bin toys which may have been popular a year or two prior, and odd things that mom and 2dad wrongfully concluded we would enjoy.  I hung this radio on my headboard and listened to it constantly until the battery died.  And the next battery.  And the next.  Weeks.  Months.  Any rainy weekend, most winter evenings, every night...I was in my bedroom with the door closed.  Doing homework.  Reading books.  Beating off while fantasizing about Janice.  But always listening to my radio.

              Day 6 of Ginny's month o' videos title is A song that reminds you of someplace.   Knock Three Times by Tony Orlando and Dawn, reminds me of that entire winter.

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    Ginny said...

    That is one kick ass radio. I'm retroactively jealous.