Sad Beautiful

          Watching Christina Aguilera sing I Am Beautiful will chime no more emotional bells than Andy Rooney creaking I Am Elderly or Mel Gibson blathering I Am Crazy...but, every time I watch the two-minute video of Madame Aguilera's tune being sung by an animated ostrich, it strums my heartstrings, brings tears to my eyes, and—no matter how many times—makes me feel a little sad.

          Although today's topic in Ginny's video-a-day challenge was 'song that makes you sad,' I decided (like I do) to color outside the lines a bit.  Not because there aren't plenty of songs which make me sad.  Oh sure there are me'boyo.  By the raft load.  Hell, I'm ovaries-deep in male menopause.  I get a wee bleary if I overhear someone discussing In The Ghetto by the late-great Mister Presley.  [Note:  I've not a clue why the last few sentences came out as if I were a leprechaun.  But, they did.  And re-reading them made me giggle, so I left them.]

          I jumped aboard this thirty day cruise because Ginny kicked it off four days ago by smashing her "video-a-day" bottle of bubbly across the bow.  So even though this song, alone, doesn't make me even a little bit sad—in this video, it does.  And has ever since I saw it six years ago.

          Sad songs are better if you begin listening in a happy mood.  If you're not happy right now, listen to yesterdays song first.

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