A Favorite Talk Song.

          Subtitle: (if you're not into the ol' brevity thing) a music composition incorporating instruments and vocals in such a manner that some, or all, vocals are spoken rather than sung (e.g. the rap genre; the song Tubthumper—a safe example because it's nobody's favorite; or everything by Lou Reed).

          There are quite a few talk-songs I like.  I'm not exactly sure why, but, since I am the most qualified to posit a theory, here goes.

          Poetry sounds like a song which has taken a cappella to the extreme.  When lyrics are sung the words become part of, and meld with, the song.  Speak with instrumental accompaniment, however, and the prose stands out.  Tells a story.  I have an affination for this type of song-stylin'.

          Here's a thing (more of a tangential aside-thing) affination is a word I've used my entire adult life, but it doesn't mean what I want it to mean.  And never has.  But.  I still use it.  Affination (from the—obviously—abridged snapperhead dictionary):  A proclamation of strong affinity used in much the same manner as the (real) words:  abomination, fascination, consignation, and (especially) affectation.**

          But where was I?  Oh, yeah.  Talk-songs.  Affinity.

          The story takes center stage when a singer downshifts the lyrics and speaks some of the song's words.  If he or she has an interesting voice—with a story-teller's ear-catching character and inflection—the story of the song is more-easily sculpted into memory.   

          Even if you haven't heard Lullabye by Shawn Mullins in over a decade, you probably still remember which celebrities her parents hung out with, at big parties?  And, if you (like most) were only confused by the off-putting Mmm(x4) song by The Crash Test Dummies...I still wouldn't be surprised if you, none-the-less, remember why the boy's hair turned from black to bright white?
** If you work in the sugar-processing or metallurgical industries, you may feel affronted by my repurposing your word.  Good.  I would ask that this not become the one turd in a sea of shit that pisses you off and hope you don't decide to do somethin' about this turd—but I won't.  I hope it pisses your federally subsidized asses right-the-fuck off. 
Dennis Hopper, Bob Seger, Sonny and Cher.
from when the cars crashed sooo hard.

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