Crisis? What Crisis?

...when half of what they got, you know, they never will use.  Enough to get by suits me fine; I don't care if you think I'm funny...

          I've got the baton.  I enjoyed following Ginny, but yesterday she forwarded all her planned titles, which—I think—means she's relayed the song-a-day baton.  Hopefully she'll resume.  Until then, I'll cherry pick from her list and make up my own until...questionmark.

          Choosing a title is much more complex than the linear exercise of identifying a song to fit someone else's title.  This conundrum (similar to mentally wrestling with a kōan) stems from my mind instantaneously "discarding" titles which don't immediately pair-up with a tune from my frontal and parietal lobes.  Even when I remind myself the challenge is to force yourself to dredge deep; you can't do that if you're putting the song before the title, my conscious brain still cheats when it competes with itself.  I never could finish a paint-by-numbers, because I already knew what it would look like.    

          Today's title:  A Song That Describes You.

          The Supertramp song, Poor Boy, succinctly describes my personal politics, character, as well as a portion of my attitude (lassitude?) towards others and life in general.  The "mouth-trumpet" which bookends the song is a key ingredient to my enjoyment of it.  For me, it imbues an attitude of:  too destitute to own an instrument but not too proud to fake it.

          The one lyric which captures me best:  Although I'll rant an I'll rave about one thing an' another...the beauty of it is (hope you'll agree)...tho' I'm a poor boy, I can still be happy, as long as I can feel free. 

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veach glines said...

A low-quality live version replaced the high-quality studio version (with lead singer Roger Hodgson and a mouth-trumpet rather than a real one). The better one was deleted (probably because Rick Davies is still an asshole).