Seventeen—You're Ready

          "Ok, folks!  We're back.  And we're here with the Insipid family.  Talking with their adorably cute young daughter, Brandi.  Hello there my dear."
          "Your family already has two strikes.  Are you nervous?"
          "Maybe kinda.  But, not really.  This is, like, pretty simple."
          "Well, the topic is interesting song-meme titles.  Two weeks of answers still on the board.  Get this one wrong and the Snapperhead's get a chance to steal.  What do you say?"
          "A Song You Often Hear On The Radio?"
          "Show us A Song You Often Hear On the Radio!"
          "To steal, Snapperhead, what do you say?"
          "A Fucking Song."
          "Are you sure?  That can be interpreted as an intensifier, adjective, adverb, verb, emphatic particle..."
          "That versatility makes it a brilliant title."
          "Show us "A Fucking Song!"
          17th day, seventeen people surveyed said A FUCKING SONG .   I'm going with the verb.  Mia Culpa by Enigma happens to be the only song I've intentionally programmed to play while fucking.

          Sticking with today's dual theme (fucking and 17) and trying to end on a humorous note:

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