Disc Golf Station - Review (☆☆☆☆)

          Another first.

          Last month, the fantastic folks at Disc Golf Station offered me a free disc in exchange for my review.  I explained to them that I was in the market for an under-stable heavy disc and they selected/sent me a DISCRAFT ESP Meteor mid-range (pictured).  It is heavy (175 grams) has a great feel on release, and is minutely under-stable.

          A brief explanation (for those elderly readers thinking 'backyard Frisbee').  A discgolf disc is referred to as stable when it remains on a straight path no matter how it is spun-thrown (which would be indicated by the number 0.0 in its description).  Depending upon which hand you throw with and how you throw, you impart a clockwise or a counterclockwise spin on the disc; almost all discs 'fade slightly' or 'turn greatly' one way or the other, as their spin slows at the end of their flight.

          Those discs which turn or fade in the same direction as their spin are referred to as under-stable.  The amount they fade is indicated in negative numbers:  -0.5 = slightly under-stable, -4.0 = very under-stable.

          Discs which turn or fade in the opposite direction from their spin are referred to as over-stable.  The amount they fade is indicated in positive numbers: +0.5 = slightly over-stable, +4.0 = very over-stable. (a key I use to remember these terms:  O = Opposite, Over-stable, pOsitive numbers).

          PROS:  Discgolfstation.com has a continually-evolving and wonderful selection of discs.  They are aware of the importance of clearly identifying the available weight, stability, and color of each disc they have on-hand.  Color is important.  I refuse to throw green or blue discs...the colors of professionals and fools (for those who know exactly where their discs will land and those who don't mind losing $15.00 in short foliage).  I'm neither.  I love that they include free shipping for almost everything.  Their discs are comparable (and in a majority of cases cheaper) than I've found in several brick-and-mortar stores.  For these reasons, I'll continue to shop for future discs at Disc Golf Station.

          CONS:  Some of the descriptions on discgolfstation.com are confusing and many don't take into consideration that wear and use will change a disc's flight performance.  Strangely, a few of the disc's write-ups explain how it'll fly when thrown in one manner ("for right hand, backhand throws" is found in many places).  Any disc-synopsis containing the words 'right', 'left', as well as 'hyzer' or 'anhyzer' (which always need added explanation) is confusing and misleading.  Intentionally snubbing every left-handed discgolfer and all those right handed discgolfers who don't throw backhanded seems contrary to good business.  

          I've been playing disc golf for years and I'm familiar with all the foolish and incomprehensible terms, so I don't pay attention to confusing explanations for what +1.5 or -0.5 means when describing over- or under-stability.  I suspect, however, that's not the case with everyone.  For the novice shopper, Disc Golf Station could benefit from a clearer and more-succinct emphasis on the browsing and pre-ordering phase.

          Their entire Disc Golf Info page should be re-tooled with a more mature and professional audience in mind.  Currently, it begins with: Disc Golf, commonly known as frisbee golf, is the most amazing sport ever invented!  Easy to learn and FUN to play..."  Gadzooks Batman, it hasn't been referred to as 'frisbee golf' for decades.  The flagrant use of exclamation points and CAPS indicates someone thought it'd be neato-keeno to have their ten year old write copy.

          None the less, thank you Disc Golf Station, your Discraft Meteor ESP is a fantastic disc.  If you are a knowledgeable discgolfer and are already aware what disc you are looking for, I recommend Disc Golf Station.

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