Glove Shoes (Glooes)

      I've always been a little out-there in je-ne-sais-quoi-land when it comes to what I wear on my feet.  I think it's probably because, in the military, I had very little footwear options.

          For about five years in the mid-1980s I wore grey puffy moon-boots.  In the 1990s I had a pair of deckshoes, made by Timberland, with a foot-hugging gripping padded insert (which they discontinued).  It seems when I find something I absolutely love it's a sure-bet guarantee there're very few other people on the planet who think the same way.  In the early 2000s I found a pair of leather clogs with a squshy leather insole made by a company in Israel that fit I bought three pairs; one a little larger for when I might need to wear socks.

          Recently, I purchased my first pair of Vibram FiveFingers leather toe-shoes.  It's like walking barefoot only with traction and protection.  Hiking, disc golfing, no matter where...they are more comfortable than any other summer shoe I've ever worn.  I feel as if I'm wearing a thin glove on my feet.  I love them.

          Which means they are just too weird and will only be available on ebay soon.  So.  I'll have to get a few pair in different colors and one a size bigger for socks.  Yea...these socks.

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