Bunraku - (☆☆☆☆) film review

          This film was (and still is) loathed by almost EVERYONE.  One reviewer claimed watching it didn't just make him uncomfortable but caused him 'excruciating and deep in the balls type pain'.  For over a year I figured that they all couldn't be wrong.  But.  Of course.  They were.  *surprise*

          Bunraku is a smirking homage kaleidoscope.  Colorful bits and shiny slices of spaghetti western's and campy kung fu's are mixed with big-screen graphic novels, actual bunraku (large paper puppet theater) and - beat - Hollywood musicals.  The result is a humorous and unique treat.

          This is definitely not a forgettable film.  Although it has some obvious flaws I didn't let them ruin the overloaded thrill ride.

          Kill _ill 1; A Fistf_l of Dollars; Si_ City; He_o; Zombiel_nd; _ill Bill 2; and The Seven Sama_ri.

          If you choose to disregard all the other reviewers—you'll thank me.


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