New Phone

          No longer do I have:  a contract, minutes, overages, or any surcharges.  I regained control by replacing all of the above with a throw-away phone.

          I now pay $2-a-day (on the occasional day I use it to communicate) and $0 every other day (when it's a pocket watch / camera / 911-service).  My monthly costs should fall between $6 and $12...about $100 a year.

          It's topped-up with a few bucks when the tank gets low, turned on only when needed, I group my just-want-to-chat calls into a pile, and still have it when I might need to shout 'marco' and listen for 'polo' because we got separated in the crowd.

          FILE UNDER:  pleased as a truffle-swine swimming in shiitake.

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