Dishonored Review (☆☆☆+)

          For the current new-game price, DISHONORED fails to live up to the hype.

          I completed all of this game's nine-levels in 25 hours.  My style of gameplay was stealthy and I enjoy searching for—and finding—hidden treasures.  I suspect an aggressive gamer might complete the game in less than 15 hours.

          This game is only worth about $15.  For a new sixty dollar game to be considered good-to-great (four or five stars) it should take someone like me no less than one hundred hours to complete and an aggressive gamer no less than sixty hours start-to-finish.

          Also, unfortunately, there are no mini-games or puzzles in DISHONORED.  It isn't a bad game.  I enjoyed playing it.  It's just not worth the price.  


Davecat said...

As I'm need of something to fill my videogame time in between currently playing Borderlands 2 with the lads, and eagerly awaiting Bioshock: Infinite's debut in February, I intend on buying a copy of this. I like the look, the setting, the myriad ways you can dispatch enemies and innocent bystanders alike... but I've held off on purchasing it, for as inventive as this game is, I get the impression -- and this is somewhat supported by your review -- that not a lot of people will buy it. Or, they'll buy it, and resell it a few months after finishing. A price drop is looming for Dishonored, and that's when I'll STRIKE!!

One of my mates is trying to persuade me to come with him to a pre-Black Friday event at Wal-mart. Normally, I wouldn't set foot within miles of a Wal-mart, as it remains America's Foremost Filth-Hole™, but my friend mentioned they'll have copies of Dishonored there for $25.
*sharpens lucky machetes*

veach glines said...

My review fails to mention one of the intentions of this game's designers was (similar to LA NOIR) players would re-play entire missions in order to either improve their time, lower their level of chaos, or find hidden items they failed to discover.

I am not a re-player, just like I am not a re-reader of print nor a re-watcher of film.

Re-players will spend more time in this world and, thusly, not be put off by the pricetag.

Since the only reason not to like the game is the four dollar-per-playable-hour bit, people who are not on a budget have no reason not to love this game.