nearing the end of 700+ no-days off

          During this time-frame most of you out there (friends, family, and acquaintances) have had 200-250 days off.         

          The Sager Creek campsite I enjoy overnighting at the most, cat-hiking from the best, and which recharges my batteries the fastest is located in the east-central portion of the Clatsop State Forest, down a overgrown ½-mile dirt track which spurrs off a three mile-long gravel logging road.

          Looking forward.  Peace.  Desolatitude.  Bliss.

          Heading out in October for a most-needed break.  Gave two-week notice today; last day will be 1 Sep—one month before the wicked witch shrinks from daily to 3-days a week (+ a couple of free-product deliveries).

          Haven't been trying very hard to locate another job; mental health is more important. 

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