tched chickens, three un...

          This is (but shouldn't be) still considered counting one's chickens. approved; VIN number in hand (the first 5 letters of which are: WMEEK I do naught shite ye); insurance prearranged; and not hurricane season (nothing to capsize a cargo ship in the Caribbean).  So unless—while unloading the ship or loading the truck, someone tries to carry too many smarts at one time, happens to drop mine and then accidentally steps on it—my chicken is quite successfully pecking a hole through its shell.

          Accordingly, I designed this custom badge from GoBadges to replace my factory smart-logo because, although I understand why someone would want (nay, need) to keep the emblem and model on their Toyota/Hyundai/Ford/Chevy/Honda/Chrysler/Mitsubishi in order to readily identify theirs, in a parking lot full of similar, generic, mid-sized sedans—I don't think that's going to be an issue I have to contend with.  (If you look close, you may notice I gave the snapperhead logo a teeny-tiny facelift).


Davecat said...

I'd spotted a smart car on the road the other day, with a sticker on the back reading 'actual size'. I had a chuckle.

That same day, I saw a man running down the road, wearing a smart car as a rucksack!
I kid, I kid.

veach glines said...

I shite ya naught...they have a bit of charm and do I mean the charm like Perkins's tent has. They look tiny from the outside but once you get in, they are quite comfortable and have plenty of head, foot, and knee room. Not so much on the elbow room when you've got a passenger in the sidecar; and definitely not much in the boot (the cargo space is just the right size to carry one package of toilet paper from costco and nothing more, ok maybe two bags of groceries more but--really--that is it.