Black and White Stuffed Convention

That's the way with a cat, you know—any cat; they don't give a damn for discipline. And they can't help it, they're made so. But it ain't really insubordination, when you come to look at it right and fair—it's a word that don't apply to a cat. A cat ain't ever anybody's slave or serf or servant, and can't be—it ain't in him to be. And so, he don't have to obey anybody. He is the only creature...that don't have to obey somebody or other...It sets him above the whole ruck, it puts him in a class by himself. He is independent. — Mark Twain, "The Refuge of the Derelicts"


Davecat said...

It's like the late-lamented Leisure town, but without all the swearing! And the yelling. O, so much yelling.
Cute, but not a cloying kind of cute. Good stuff!

veach st. glines said...

Thanks kind sir. I'm much more excited about getting/finding pics and building the strips...not so keen on the dialogue. Guess I need a humor-writer. Thought about asking SafeT, but his melted away with his waistline, and is missed - the humor that is; bet he's not going to gain seven stone just to get his giggle back.