Dose Aurally as Needed = Happy

          There are certain beats, chord combinations, and rhythm syncopations which strike us viscerally.  I think everyone should become as self-aware as possible—which, along with identifying mood-altering sounds, includes learning your odors, flavors, tactile sensations, and visual stimuli.

          I'm calmed by seeing earth-tones (especially orange), tasting vanilla or wintergreen, and smelling lilac.  There's a dusty powdered-rose odor that can cause me to become quite angry if I'm not able to get out of its aura of influence fast enough.  And, I wrote about a song yesterday (this is Day 3 of follow-the-Ginny title: A Song That Makes You Happy) which makes me uncomfortable if I hear it.

           Gina G's, Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit turns my amp up to eleven and bludgeons happiness into my nervous system.  I don't really like the song very much.  It's too chirpy and bubblegummy.  But medicine doesn't have to taste good.  If I'm down, all it takes is three minutes.  Anyone who can stay in a bad mood after hearing this song is a hardcore angerball scrooge-grinch. know what I'm lookin for...

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Ginny said...

I had never heard that song until today. Weird.

It's a peppy l'il nugget, all right.