Sour Beer

A first.

I enjoy each and every "first" (as one should at my age).

Today it was sour beer.

It has sip-ability.  It's not a drink one can consume in quantity or at speed.  Think: SweeTarts or Sour Patch candy in a dark beer.    


Davecat said...

I don't even drink beer, and it sounds somewhat enticing! Do you have a brand you'd suggest?

veach glines said...

I had Cascade Brewing Company's Sweetartz which was a specialty on tap and probably unavailable outside of the PDX area.

However, I've read many micro-breweries are making sour beers now; it's the latest trend!

Maybe try to find one at:
Roast or Jolly Pumpkin.

I can understand not liking beers - before I experimented with different styles I, too, didn't drink beer. All US-made mass market beers are shite; the best are German and Belgian. US microbreweries make the best sweet, sour, fruity, "craft beers" outside of Europe. Go for a tasting with friends. Order a 'flight' (a board with 6 to 12 small glasses). Tell them what your tastes are (a good server will know not to fill your flight with IPA's unless you like bitter and not to give you Lambics if you don't like wine or fruit, etc).

Detroit seems to have plenty of places to experiment with beer tasting.